Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Cannock Golf to Install the Revolutionary TrueStrike Golf Mat

'Cannock Golf & Custom Fit Centre' to install the most revolutionary golf mat available! 'Cannock Golf' is currently installing the TrueStrike Golf Mat to the Custom Fit and Coaching Netted Bay to improve its new facility even more.

'Cannock Golf' has seen a rapid increase in the amount of coaching it provides in the indoor custom fit and coachng area. 'Daniel Bateman' 'PGA Advanced Professional' who is the Head Golf Instructor and owner of 'Cannock Golf' states 'TrueStrike is the most realistic and best golf mat on the market'. 'It enables customers at 'Cannock Golf' to feel confident about hitting down and through the shot without fear of injury to wrists or back'

'Cannock Golf' prides itself on ensuring only the best practice and training equipment is used in the coaching area' 'Cannock Golf has already invested heavily in the Archery Netted Oversize Bay and Explanar' 'The Truestrike Golf Mat will sit nicely in this very professional coaching faclilty.

Why not book a lesson today and experience the most safe and realistic way to enjoy and improve your game?

Why are TrueStrike mats so revolutionary?

It is not an exaggeration to describe TrueStrike golf mats as revolutionary. Despite decades of golf mat development little has changed since the introduction of synthetic grass mats. Despite their efforts to persuade us otherwise the manufacturers of traditional golf mats have been offering largely the same product, i.e. a synthetic grass mat that looks like a fairway but plays like concrete. Not anymore!

For the first time the TrueStrike golf mat provides a playing surface that plays, feels and reacts like a natural fairway.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Cannock Golf Invests in Explanar Golf Training Aid

‘Cannock Golf and Custom Fit Centre’ Invest in an Explanar

‘Cannock Golf and Custom Fit Centre’ Staffordshire’s Premier Golf Store and Indoor Coaching Studio based in Cannock on ‘The Cedars Retail Park’ has invested in the best golf swing training aid ever invented!

The Explanar golf training aid was invented by PGA Master Professional Luther Blacklock, who used his own experiences as a top golf coach to create a training aid that helps perfect your golf swing.

The Explanar is a kinaesthetic golf training aid which can be used at home or at the golf course. Explanar develops your muscle memory of the optimum golf swing, helping you feel what it’s like to hit the perfect shot.

Explanar improves the distance and accuracy of your shots by teaching a more consistent swing, and is suitable for golfers of all abilities. Used by some of the World’s top golf professionals and coaches, Explanar has already helped thousands of golfers improve their swing.